WPCC2021 - Vejle, Denmark

August 19th to 22nd 2021


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Welcome to Vejle – the Danish capital for road cycling

We are pleased to welcome you and are honored to host this grand world championship. 

We hope you will enjoy our steep hills, unique nature and the vivid city life with a gastronomic scene for all taste buds.


Vejle is made for cycling

…especially road cycling. 

We are proud to have Denmark's best cycling terrain and toughest cycling hills. In several places, you will even find alpine climbs. Put your legs to the test on Vejle’s Super Routes, that takes you around the whole of Vejle Municipality. Nowhere else in Denmark are there as many vertical meters within a small geographical area as in and around Vejle. 

The Vejle area is also known for its many cycling events. Since 2004, the road called Kiddesvej in Vejle has played a crucial role in the Queen’s Stage in the professional race Tour of Denmark. The area also attracts many cycling enthusiasts every year to Grejsdalsløbet, which is one of Denmark's toughest amateur races and gathers up to 4.000 passionate participants.

In 2021, Give, today a part of the Vejle Municipality, hosts the Danish Championship in road cycling, and on July 3, 2022, Vejle has the unique pleasure of being the starting point for the third stage of the Tour de France. The approx. 182 km route passes the Jelling Monuments that are listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, which contributes to the overall narrative of Denmark as the Grand Départ 2022.

Facts about Vejle

  • The first mention of Vejle was in 1256, but the town is believed to be older. South of Kirketorvet, buildings have been excavated dating back to 1100 CE.
  • Vejle’s oldest existing building is Sankt Nicolai Church from the mid-thirteenth century.
  • As of January 1st there are 115.668 inhabitants in Vejle Municipality and are therefore the 5th largest Municipality in Denmark.
  • The number of new companies in Vejle Municipality continues to increase significantly. The Municipality has experienced a growth in numbers of new businesses at 6.2% from 2018 to 2019.


Vejle has five friendship towns:

  •  Borås in Sweden
  •  Mikkeli in Finland
  •  Molde in Norway
  •  Jelgava in Latvia
  •  Schleswig in Germany


In addition Vejle has a cooperation with the following cities:

  •  Jablanica in Bosnia
  •  Mostar in Bosnia
  •  Nantong in China



I am delighted that Vejle was chosen as the host for WPCC2021 and I am sure you will experience some great days of competition, fun and friendship during your stay.



Best wishes and a warm welcome


Morten Damgaard

Head of Tourism and Business