WPCC2021 - Vejle, Denmark

August 19th to 22nd 2021


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Deadline: August 19th




General participation rules

World Press Cycling Championships are open to all who can present a press card or similar of a country, an organization, a company or a medium.


The races will be held under the UCI regulations. Each rider confirms healthiness and ability to participate in these events. A daily license is not necessary.


All participation is on the participant’s own risk and each participant is responsible for a personal insurance covering participation in the races.


Participation is free of charge. 


Registration is possible until August 19th 2021. All registration must be made via www.wpcc2021.dk 


Only fully manpowered road racing bikes are allowed in the races. No electrical or similar motor is allowed. Time trial bikes as well time trial helmets and handlebar etc. are not allowed. Bikes may be inspected before start.


The use of helmet is mandatory.



General rules

The organizing committee of the WPCC 2021 as well members of the WPCC-Committee disclaims any responsibility for the participants and their employees, in case of accidents or damage to persons or things, that may occur before, during or after the events and in case riders get involved in quarrelling with third parties.


Participant are strictly responsible for their personal belongings, hereunder their bike, during the whole event, including the races. No claim can be held against the organizers.


Videos and photos will be taken during the races and the full event. Participants accept their possible appearance in the use and publication of these.




M1: men 21-44 years old / 2000 -1977
M2: men 45-59 years old / 1976-1962
M3: men 60+ / 1961 and older
W: women


The first three athletes of each category will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. The winner will obtain the title of WPCC champion and the WPCC-jersey. 




Friday 20.08: Individual Sprint (IS)
Saturday 21.08: Individual Time Trial (ITT)
Sunday 22.08: Road Race (RR)



Medical assistance

First aid team will be present at all races. 


Note: It is advisable that you state your name, blood type, a telephone of a relative, any intake of medicine, address of accommodation in Vejle etc. in the book provided at the race office during the WPCC2021.




Participants must respect any regulations given by the committee and authorized personnel. Race numbers are personal. Unauthorized using of numbers is not allowed. Misuse will lead to disqualification.

Participants must respect the start-finish area and the courses. Throwing of rubbish may lead to disqualification.

The organizing committee has the right to exclude riders who misbehave before, during or after the events.



Regulation Changes

The organizers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event and to change the regulations and the courses due to e.g. technical or safety reasons. No claim can be held against the organizers in such cases.

For matters that do not appear in these regulations, the rules of the Danish Cycling Federation and the UCI rules will apply.




The participant registering with the official enrolment form confirms that s/he has read and agreed with the present regulations.