WPCC2021 - Vejle, Denmark

August 19th to 22nd 2021


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Deadline: August 19th







Vejle is one of Denmark’s best cycling cities. The landscape in the Vejle River Valley and along the Vejle Fiord gives sports riders a lot to choose from and a really long number of different challenges and routes. 


The climbs are legendary in Denmark and it is for a good reason that Vejle every year hosts the queen stage of Tour of Denmark. But also the changing landscape, the winding roads, the routes through the villages and the feeling of great cycling in an area with a unique history are good reasons for a large number of cyclists to choose Vejle as their preferred cycling destination.


The area offers lots of opportunities whether one prefers road cycling, mountain biking or leisure cycling – and no matter your cycling style: please remember to enjoy the ride, the nature and the coffee stop!


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In Vejle you will find Denmark´s best cycling terrain

In Vejle you will find Denmark´s toughest cycling hills

In Vejle you will find family friendly cycling routes