WPCC2021 - Vejle, Denmark

August 19th to 22nd 2021


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Deadline: August 19th







Denmark is host of Grand Départ for Tour de France in 2022. Vejle will be the starting point for the third stage: 182 km from Vejle to Sønderborg, from where the riders will take a flight to France for a rest day and the following stages of the race. 


Vejle is a natural pick for the start of the stage, offering some of Denmark’s most interesting and beautiful cycling. The unique history in the Vejle River Valley and the surroundings only adds even more experiences to the story.


The start in Vejle will be a major event and Vejle puts a lot of effort in preparing for being in the centre of the attention from the whole cycling world in some amazing days in July 2022.


Read more about the start in Vejle here:


Read more about the Grand Départ in Denmark here: www.letourcph.dk/en


Find press kit, press releases etc. about the Grand Départ here: www.letourcph.dk/en/node/23