WPCC2021 - Vejle, Denmark

August 19th to 22nd 2021


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The city of Vejle lies on historic ground. The first mention of Vejle was in 1256, but first settlements most likely are older. The word ‘Vejle’ derives from the old Danish word for ford, a ford that made it possible to cross the two rivers that runs out in the Vejle Fiord. 

Here craftsmen and traders found basis for a living – serving travellers and others passing the ford. 


Up through the centuries the settlement was more and more developed, and the town of Vejle became a natural centre for a larger hinterland.


The village of Jelling, today a part of the Vejle Municipality, was home of the Viking Kings. One of the most famous is Harald Bluetooth, who is responsible for “the Birth Certificate of Denmark” by having Denmarks name engraved on a major rune stone in Jelling. 

The Vikings sailed on the Vejle River on their journeys from Jelling to the open sea. 


Another major construction of Harald Bluetooth was the Ravning Bridge. The mighty bridge led over the Vejle River Valley and required enormous resources in oak and manpower.


Today Vejle is one of Denmarks largest cities with almost 60.000 inhabitants. The Vejle Municipality is the fifth largest municipality in Denmark and home to more than 115.000 people. Vejles economy mainly derives from it-technology, industry, tourism and trade.


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